16 April 2005

Thank you

Dear readers of FatMan Seoul's blog,

This will be the last post on this blog, if only to announce that FatMan Seoul is no longer in Seoul. He has relocated and therefore to continue this blog under the current title would be meaningless.

He should have thought of naming it something more generic like "FatMan Eats" or "FatMan Is Just Plain FAT", or something geographically-unspecific like that. But now, to rename it everytime he moves would leave a trail of google-trash like FatMan Timbuktu, FatMan Bukino Faso, you get the idea.

He wants me to tell all of you that he has truly enjoyed his virgin blogging experience, making so many great friends and receiving the rare e-mails and comments are the highlights of his otherwise mundane existance. He is proud to have been a member of a truly awesome food blogosphere, and wishes all his fellow bloggers much love and continued blogging. There's no need to long-list them all here, you guys know who you are. He will continue to visit, read, and occasionally comment on your blogs whenever time permits, which will very likely be limited considering his ever increasing work commitments.

To the naysayers of this blog, just a parting word before I conclude. FatMan Seoul never once claimed to be an expert on Korean cuisine. If you had taken the time to read the "About FatMan" sidebar, you would have immediately realised that. The blog started out as his personal memoir for the sole reading pleasure of his family back home.

This blog will continue to exist as is since FatMan has paid subscriptions till next year. Hopefully it will serve as a basic introductory guide to daily Korean food.

It has been a journey well worth the ticket price. Thanks for the memories.

Sincerely yours,
FatMan Seoul's alter ego