25 February 2004

Kimchi Jigae

Kimchi jigae is one of those things in life that grows on you. I used to be put off by it initially. But ever since I found this place, it's really grown on me. So much so that I really miss it when I'm abroad.

Kimchi is synonymous with Korean food. 'nough said. Jigae means stew. I especially like the way it's done here - kept warm over a stove. There's nothing worse that a cold pot of kimchi jigae.

What you get is a steaming hot pot of chinese cabbage kimchi in stock soup, with sliced pork, tofu (beancurd), onion leaves, sliced flour cake, chilli powder and all-important instant noodles (ramyeon). It's hot, spicy & sour - yummy. Kimchi tastes different when cooked versus eaten raw. In a kimchi jigae, it actually taste a lot like preserved salted vege found in Hong Kong (note to self - kimchi IS preserved salted vege - silly fool!). If the soup dries up, ask the ajumma for a top-up. It's free complimentary!

Cost KRW4,000. It's probably not as good as this renowned one, but still nice.

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