18 February 2004

Tony Roma's

Christmas eve dinner was had at Tony Roma's in Gangnam-gu. It's located about 100 metres from Gangnam Subway Station exit 5 - real easy to find.

Here's their trademark The Original Baby Back Ribs (KRW27,300).

The pork ribs were delicious and finger-lickin good. Go for The Original instead of the St. Louis Red Hots Ribs (yes that's not a type .. it's "Hots" with an "s"). Besides coleslaw, you get to choose 1 additional complimentary side dish, from baked potatoes, buttered rice, french fries etc. I had the corn-on-cob.

In the background, we have the Onion Loaf (KRW7,500), another of Tony's speciality, and the Baked Potato Soup (KRW5,300). The Onion Loaf was nice, if you're not averse to oily fried food. Best taken hot from the fryer, it comes with a variety of dipping sauce (side plate). The potato soup was very nice, much better than their clam chowder. The Onion Loaf was complimentary because I brought along this coupon. Yes, I'm cheap!

For deserts, it was the Chocolate Brownie (KRW6,800). Nothing to shout about here.

I've also tried another of Tony Roma's outlets in the Myeong-dong area (downtown Seoul). I prefer the Gangnam outlet to Myeong-dong which is located at the basement level and offers no view. This Gangnam outlet is on the first floor (ground floor being street level, if you're not familiar), feels less claustrophobic and a better overall ambience and atmosphere.

Tony Roma's is all over the place. I've tried Tony Roma's in Bangkok and I've heard it's extremely popular in Singapore too. You can check out the full menu, prices and other specials at their website.

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