06 March 2004


Myeong-dong is another of Seoul's shopping haven, albeit more upmarket and touristy compared to Dongdaemun. Myeong-dong is pretty much in the heart of Seoul's financial district.

One of the first images to greet you when you step out of Euljiro 1-ga Subway Station is the landmark Lotte Department Store. It's a posh, upmarket, designer labels type of place. Hmmm ..... a ratio of 5 sales assistants to every customer. Real cosy.

Side view.

Next to Lotte Department Store is Lotte Young Plaza. This young plaza opened late last year and caters to the younger crowd. I feel jaded.

It gets interesting at night. Notice the changing room overlooking the main street?

(stop squinting! there isn't one, perv)

Some street shots of Myeong-dong taken at 4.30 pm. It's just a sea of humans. There's a handful of tourists too.

I enjoyed my day in Myeong-dong. It's a great place to walk around aimlessly, lots of eye candy, lots of good food. Good night Myeong-dong.

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