08 April 2004

Hwee Deop Bab

Returning to the Big Fish for lunch again, today we'll have something different. Something fresh. Something healthy. Something most unlike FatMan.

Today's lunch is hwee deop bab (회덮밥) or raw fish rice. So you're thinking sushi? Well, you're off by a mile. Think messy sushi and you're getting warmer.

The usual Big Fish side dishes are there. Deep fried sweet potato slices & sesame leaf, grilled fish, salad, kimchi and mushroom na mool. I had to turn away 3 other side dishes as I knew I'd be in for a tummy-busting meal.

This is the hwee deop bab sans rice.

A nice big bowl of fresh sea bass, diced into bite-sized chunks, and topped with fish roe, lettuce leaves, dried seaweed strips, alfalfa sprouts, shredded cabbage, omelette strips, sliced green chilis, carrot strips and shredded fresh ginger.

Now add in the hot bowl of rice.

Next add the vinegared chili sauce to taste.

Mix well.


Eating hwee deop bab at Big Fish is more like eating a salad than a rice-based meal. There is so much vege in that giant bowl that the rice disappears into the background. The chunky fresh raw fish just burst in your mouth when you sink your teeth into it. The vinegared chili sauce is the all-important ingredient that holds everything together. It makes or breaks your hwee deop bab. This sauce is spicy and adds an acidity that really zings up the entire experience. A healthy and delicious meal. Highly recommended. KRW6,000.

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