25 April 2004

Link Pimp

Nothing to read this weekend? It's time once again to point you to the various sites and blogs which I've come to notice since my last link pimping.

First off, need to send some love Joel's way over at About Joel. He blogs of many things Korean, and he is the reason I once ran out after work searching for ho-deok (sweet korean pancake).

Some of you are already familiar with noodlepie's lust for Vietnamese food from my Pho post some days back. I just love reading it as it captures the essence of Vietnamese food.

Here's the link to Min's food journal. Journey with newly-wed Min as she attempts to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

For some eating in Chicago, check out these vital information on the Windy City.

Makiko's just hungry food blog is truly cosmopolitan, as is Maki herself.

And last but certainly not least, check out the quintessential woman of the world Liza's Seoul Style. Why is it I never ever get invites to such events?!?! :o)

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