12 May 2004

Doh Si Rak

Ordered-in lunch again today cause it's raining outside. We've been having wet weather these last couple of days. So nothing fancy today.

The doh si rak ajumma (lady) is adding my name to her Hall of Fame. By now, I must hold the record for being the most inconvenient customer. Why? Cause I always have late lunches (once I remember that I haven't yet had lunch) and she'll have to work overtime to drag this box of food all the way cross town for this ONE customer. :o)

Nice soup today. Non-spicy clear soup of bone marrows with turnips. Tasty.

This is a nice fresh salad, of sorts. I believe its the top leafy part of bean sprouts. Nothing goes to waste here. If you eat it, we serve it. Squeeze a dash of vinegared chili sauce and its good to go.

Chinese cabbage kimchi in all its mighty red splendour. Mushroom na-mool.

Close-up of the fried anchovies with a hint of chili sauce. It tastes nicer than it looks. Trust me. The top is just fish cake (odeng) tossed in sweet chili sauce. Nice.

KRW4,000. This meal is cheaper than the usual KRW5,000 because I think there's no meat dish in there. At least that's how I reasoned it. What do I know. I speak no Korean.