19 May 2004

Dongdaemun 2

(No time to write much. So just enjoy the photos. Quick recap from last post. Thus far, we've strolled past hello apM and Migliore.)

....... and couple of metres down the street from Migliore, you'll arrive at my favourite of them all, Doota. The last time I was at Doota, it was closed for renovations. This will be my first visit to the refurbished Doota.

The approach to Doota.

The concert area to stage live shows and concerts, usually in the evenings on weekends.

Concourse (aka the smoking area - no smoking indoors, so the puffers "chill out" here).


Casual wear floor - for the young and hip. Looks like flourescent colours are in this season. Wonder if they glow in the dark.

Accessories floor - handbags are in flourescent shades too. Wohoo!

This floor for ladies wear.

View of Dongdaemun Stadium from the top of Doota. No, the cars are not playing football. The stadium doubles as a market place when not in use for games.

Dongdaemun cityscape.

The food court pearched at the top floor of Doota. It sure looks a lot classier now than the previous amusement park theme they had. Pretty decent food to be had here.

And this is DONGDAEMUN, the Great East Gate into Seoul from dynasties of the past.

Had some hoteok (호떡) from a street vendor on the way home. Read all about hoteok from my Street Food post here if you don't know what that is.

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