25 June 2004

Dakdori Tang

Today we're having Dakdori Tang (닭도리탕), or spicy chicken soup (more like stew to me anyway). This is the first time I'm having a go at this, so I'm really excited.

Watching telly while having your meal is common here. You should have seen these guys jumping and waving when the football game came on shortly after. Never mind the food was getting cold.

Panning left, we see this.

First to arrive was this "thing" - all bubbly, wobbly and spewing steam. A bowl of bath sponge?

Dig in and you'll see that it's a pot of steamed eggs, lined with minced pork at the bottom. It's been a while since I've had steamed eggs like this. Nice.

Then came the parade of side dishes.

Some green vege kimchi.

Odeng (fish cake) tossed in chili and sliced onions.

Fried anchovies with green chilies.

Jap chae (mixed vege) which we’ve covered in an earlier post.

Fried sliced potatoes.

This is the piece de’ resistance, dakdori tang. It’s made of chuncky cuts of chicken & potatoes in that bright red stew sauce, and topped with several kinds of mushrooms, sesame leaves and sliced leek. KRW25,000 for this mid-size portion (large - KRW35,000). Eaten with steamed rice.

The flame-red color reminds me of typical Southern Indian curry. Alas, despite its dangerous looking color and appearance, it was only mildly spicy. Nonetheless, it imparted an interesting flavour. The sauce (or soup if you want to call it that) is made from chicken stock, chili paste, red pepper powder, minced garlic, sesame oil, soya sauce and seasoned with salt and black pepper.

As with most stew, the longer you let it boil, the better in taste it gets. So be patient and wait a couple of minutes to let all that plain white chicken meat and potatoes absorb the full robust flavours of the sauce. When it thickens, then have a go at it.

Overall, I'd rate it a 6.5 out of 10. It's something new and interesting and a change from all the jaded food I've been having of late (which I hope helps explain the lack of interesting posts on the blog). From my limited observation, I've not seen many Seoul's eateries offering this. I wonder why.

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