14 July 2004

Penang Foodie 2

Today, we introduce you to another Penang hawker favourite, the "lobak". Most aficionados have their personal favourites. Some favour those at MacAlister Road, some Gurney Drive while others Lorong Selamat (these are names of popular foodie spots in Penang).

My personal favourite is off the beaten tourist track. Meet Ah Chun. That's him standing on the left with an apron (apologies for my poor photography). Ah Chun has been selling nothing but lobak for over 30 years, at this very same spot! He can be found at Kheng Pin Cafe on Penang Street.

This traditional Chinese coffee shop dates back to pre-war days. Note the traditional marble table-tops and wooden benches against the wall in the background. Only those darn blue plastic stools give it away.

This is it. Technically, lobak is taken to mean pork fritters. That's it there - the dark brown roll of pork wrapped with bean curd skin and deep fried until crispy.

These days, lobak is the generic term to include all the accompaniments - prawn fritters, fish fritters, preserved century eggs, fried beancurd, etc. A plate of lobak is usually served with sliced cucumbers and the very important chili sauce and sweet gravy (brown gooey starchy sauce) for dipping.

We ordered the fish fritters (top), lobak (dark brown), fried beancurd (centre) and prawn fritters (left). This platter costs approx. RM8.00 (USD2.10). Thumbs up!

Sidetracking a little off the foodie trail, need to give props to my hotel room. Give it up y'all.

Living area.

Dining area. Hardly touched as all masticating activities were done outdoors.

Work area, complete with fax and broadband.

Sliding door that seperates the bedroom.

Da' bed!

One symmetrical half of the roomy bathroom. Behind the frosted glass door is the shower. In the centre is a large jacuzzi. Fits 2 adults comfortably, or 1 FatMan.

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