01 July 2004

Thai Food 4

Today we're having Thai "aharn talay", or seafood.

This place offers both outdoor and indoor seating. We opted for the outdoors. After a while, we got used to the mosquitoes.

Fresh raw veges are common accompaniment during a Thai meal. Same goes for the neighbouring region such as Vietnam and Cambodia. Served with dipping sauces made from crushed chilis, chopped garlic and lime juice.

This is another variation of the clear soup "kaeng ched", this time with "louk chin" (fishballs), soft tube tofu and coriander (cilantro). In case you're wondering, yes you're correct to think that fishes don't have balls. It's grounded fish paste, seasoned and hand-shaped into cute little balls.

This is barbequed fish. The inside of the fish is stuffed with a mixture of coarsely crushed lemongrass, galangal, tumeric, young ginger, garlic and seasoned with salt, pepper and fish sauce. Wrap in banana leaves, followed by aluminium foil and then BBQ-ed.

The flesh is sweet and moist. The flavours from the mixture seeps through the flesh nicely but without being overbearing. A delicate balance indeed. The fish retains its moist principally due to the use of banana leaves which acts as an insulator and imparts a nice frangance when heated.

This is one of my favourites, "poo nim thort kratiam" or fried soft-shell crabs with garlic. The small-ish crabs are quartered or halved (depending on size) and deep fried. Eaten whole, shell included. The shell is well, soft, so no worries. Absolutely yummy!

This is "pla meuk yang" or grilled squid. Somewhat plain for my tastebuds. Great if you enjoy the chewy texture of the squid.

Yes folks. Again, this is "kaeng som". By now you know I have a considerable liking for this.

The entire meal came to about USD20. Not too bad, eh?

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