07 July 2004

Thai Food 5

I heard of this place that serves great "kanom chin", or chinese noodles with curry gravy. Such a claim from the locals is just begging for the FatMan test.

This place specialises in a variety of kanom chin, and they're all decked out here for you to see and choose.

To save me the hassle of a return trip, I decidedly took the easy way out and just ordered everything. This is the kanom chin "all-inclusive package" which comprise of everything you see in the photo above. All this for Bt75 (USD2.00).

This is indeed a popular choice amongst the regulars. Almost every table ordered this. You get to try all the various gravy they have to offer, albeit in smaller portions.

I'm going to attempt to break it down. Do let me know if I've made any mistakes, lynn and chez pim.

This is the nam ya (minced fish curry), nam prik (spicy curry sauce) and kaeng tai (southern curry).

This is the nam prik waan (sweet chili soup) and kaeng kiaw waan kai (green curry chicken). That rounds off the 5 variety of sauce/gravy/curry/soup that they had to offer on the menu.

You'll also see in the background 2 smaller side dishes of veges. On the left is steamed beansprouts and long beans, diced. On the right is the very interesting picked veges (head of lettuce) and chili.

This is the kanom chin (chinese noodles) i.e. flour vermicelli.

This is the typical side dish of fresh raw vegetables that you pick and add to your noodles as you please. A good assortment of winged beans, long beans, beansprouts, cucumber, round brinjal, Thai basil and banana flowers.

Kanom chin nam ya.

Kanom chin nam prik.

Kanom chin tai.

This is another of the house speciality. It's probably the most well known Thai desert in the world. It's called "tub tim krob", sweetened (diluted) coconut milk with "red ruby", jackfruit, coconut flesh and water chestnut.

These red rubies are basically diced water chestnut coated with red-coloured starch. Nice crunchy texture.

The tub tim krob here is absolutely awesome. Bt15 (USD0.40) per bowl.

The Thai Chinese lady owner and her daughter jealously guarding the family's ruby treasures.

The food here is delicious. The gravies are well seasoned and you just know that they took their time to slowly simmer the goodies. Very much like how a home-cooked meal should be. Thumbs up!

My only complain would be that I wished the gravy was served hotter instead of just warm. Guess all the Korean food boiling at the table has spoilt me. :o)

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