06 September 2004

Celebrity Chefs

I never knew this foodie tv channel called Food Network/FoodTV existed prior to my arriving in Seoul. Yes I've seen the occasional cooking shows here and there, but none where the entire station is dedicated to all things food 24x7. These days, it's firmly set on my remote's favourite channel setting.

I first got hooked watching Jamie Oliver on The Naked Chef. These days, I no longer give a blank look when someone mentions John Burton Race or Gordon Ramsay, or squint and shrug at the mention of Nigella Lawson, known in some blogging circles as the gastro-porn queen!! (that one cracks me up everytime).

Food Network's celebrity chef list.

I also get the occasional expert tips from one Chef Jeff (anonymous), who leaves cooking tips here and over at marmot's blog. From his writing, it can be deduced that he IS a professional chef.

Lately, I've been hooked on Australian Neil Perry's Food Source series. I especially like the Food Source Asia episodes.

This post came about from an e-mail I had just received from Chef Benjamin Christie who, coincidentally, also hails from Down Under. Talk about strange coincidences. Check him out at www.benjaminchristie.com. It continues to amaze me that someone would even bother writing to me after visiting my blog. For this, I am thankful and have made new friends along the way.

And just for the record, I'm not a chef nor involved in the food business in any way. It's just a passion I have. Cheers!

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