15 October 2004

Bulgogi Dosirak

Yep, another round of dosirak for lunch today folks. This time it's the bulgogi dosirak (불고기도시락) , or stir-fried beef in bulgogi sauce.


Hmm ..... I must be slacking cause I don't know what vege this is. Chives? With a healthy dose of garlic chili paste.

Clockwise (from 1 o'clock) - sauteed beansprouts, sauteed cucumber slices, brinjals with a hint of garlic and chili paste, and that pork-skin-like-but-tastes-anchovy-like-thingy, which woojay (a regular here) thinks could be jweepo (dried fish). Those familiar with this Jedi Apprentice knows he's seldom wrong. And thanks to keri too for confirming.

Clockwise (from 1 o'clock) - cabbage kimchi, cuttlefish kimchi, I'm-too-tired-to-figure-out vege, kimchi pajeon (pancake) and camera-shy behind the pajeon is a tempura-battered shredded potato.

The main dish - the thinly sliced beef broiled in brown bulgogi sauce, with large onions, garlic, leek and carrot slices for colour. Another Happy Meal, and it's not from the clown burgers. KRW5,000.

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