07 October 2004

Jaeyuk Bogeum Dosirak

Hey fellow gluttons. I'm back. Sorry to keep you folks waiting. On with the food ....

Today's lunch is jaeyuk bogeum dosirak (제육볶음도시락), or spicy stir-fried pork lunch box. Dosirak is the Korean equivalent of the Japanese bento box set. I've blogged several past dosirak experiences. Do a search for the old posts if you're interested to see other variations to this.

This is how the box was delivered, with the soup bowl seperated on top.

Remove the cover and it reveals a treasure trove of goodies, all safely shielded in layers of clear wrap. You'll find the spoon and chopsticks in there too.

The dosirak box set, unclothed and naked.

Cabbage coleslaw - cold and sour. Nice starter.

The compulsory cabbage kimchi.

On the left is bits of garlic stir-fried asparagus shoots with odeng (fish cake). On the right I can't make out. I taste anchovies in there, but the texture is akin to roasted pork skin - tough and chewy. No idea what this is.

Ahhh .... a delectable platter of sides. Clockwise from 12 o'clock : 3 slices of pajeon (Korean pancake), 1 tempura-battered mock crabstick, pickled green chilies, beansprouts stir-fried in chili paste, boiled veges with a dash of sesame oil, parboiled potatoes in soya sauce and for deserts, a small cut of honey-sweetened goguma (sweet potato) with black sesame seeds. Ah yes, and a fresh cherry tomato in the centre.

This is the main dish. Sliced pork stir-fried in chili paste with cuts of large onions, leek and garlic. Absolutely yummy. This dosirak set costs KRW5,000. It was delivered hot within 15 minutes of placing the order. They must be nearby!

Sidenote - Is it just me or do the food get spicier as winter approaches? I mean, I eat at the same place and order the same meal pretty regularly. But I've noticed that it's been prepared spicier ever since Chuseok last week. So is it just me or are you guys having extra zing in your daily meals too?

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