04 November 2004

Jujube Tea & Ginger Tea

Koreans are rather fond of something called the Citrus Tea or Citron Tea, more so the women than the men from my observation. Perhaps it has something to do with slimming, I dunno. The word slimming is muted from my vocabulary. Whilst I'm not covering citron tea today, while shopping at that section of the local supermarket, I came across this and decided to give it a whirl.

Honey Jujube Tea. KRW6,500 for this jar of Pooh juice.

For those unaccustomed to jujube, they're also called red dates, chinese jujube or chinese dates. More info on jujubes here and here if you're interested.

Here's another (albeit finished) jar of Jujube Tea from a different make. KRW6,350.

Jujubes, or red dates, are in essence a fruit and thus can be eaten on their own. They can also be used in a variety of ways to enhance flavour or impart remedial properties. I've had them floating around in soups, deserts, medicinal concoctions, stuffed in chicken, duck, laced in rice dishes etc. They add natural sweetness and a pleasant "feel-good" aroma to everything.

Jujubes on their own are already sweet. But when combined with honey, well, diabetics beware.

Mix with hot water to dissolve the honey and you get a very aromatic cup of jujube tea. Very nice, indeed. Add ice or stick it in the fridge if you want it cold.

For those who are susceptible to excessive gas by-production of the intestinal tract leading to internal combustion, popularly referred to as farting, ginger is a great remedy for the bloated. So they came up with something similar, except substitute jujubes for ginger. Spicy (from the ginger) and sweet (from the honey) cuppa "tea". KRW6,400 per jar of fart-diffusing tea.

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