20 March 2004


Sure there's KFC in Korea. Sure it's finger lickin' good. Sure it's got 11 secret herbs and spices. Sure it's pressure-fried to perfection. But in Korea, go for BBQ.

BBQ is a local franchise specialising in chicken products. They're popular here in Korea, with over 1,000 stores country wide and it's not surprising to see why once you've tried it. Heck, they even run a Chicken University here in Korea, in similar vein to McDonald's Hamburger University.

Check out BBQ's website for a good look at their menu. Today, we're having my 2 favourites. This is how it was delivered. The free side dish is crunchy pickled radish. I'm not really fond of it and usually ends up in the bin unopened.

Now let's get to the good stuff. On the left is their Barbeque Chicken and on the right is the Calcium Seasoned Chicken. As with most items on the menu, you order in either whole chicken or half chicken portions. These are halves.

Half a Barbeque Chicken means you get 2 quarters (breast and thigh) marinated with 20 different seasonings (that's what their ad says - who really knows, right? maybe it's just 18.5 seasonings). KFC, eat your heart out with your paltry 11 seasonings.

As you can see from the photo, cuts are made to the thicker parts to allow better penetration of the marinate. This works very well as the marinade coats and clings to the meat even as it is barbequed. It is not the "typical" BBQ sauce that western tastebuds are familiar with (e.g. hickory-smoked, mesquit, mustard etc.) where the sauces are caramel sweetened. This is very localised for Korean tastebuds, and so it is really spicy, savoury and robust in flavour. I love it. KRW6,500 for half chicken.

Half a Calcium Seasoned Chicken means you get about 8 - 10 pieces of chicken marinated with milk calcium, floured and deep fried, then coated with their own special sauce and garlic.

The sauce has a unique flavour which reminds me of plum sauce, and is sweetish. It's very hard to describe in words. Sorry. But it tastes really good. And even with the sauce, the chicken remains crispy for a sufficiently long time. Thumbs up. KRW6,000 for half chicken.

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