28 March 2004

Street Food

What a beautiful sunny spring day today. I came across these on my way to lunch. So you'll forgive me if I didn't stop to eat, which on any other day is a giver.

First stop. Mama sells dog on a stick and Papa sells mini pizza.

Deep fried jumbo sausages. KRW1,000. Just what I need. More cholesterol.

Papa's got a mini oven on his mobile cart. It's industrial strength too, not some plug and play oven.

Toppings are mozarella cheese, onions, diced sausages, corn, mushroom and capsicum (green pepper). KRW2,000 each.

These guys promote their product as Japanese pizzas. FatMan says Japanese pizza = okonomiyaki. These are actually called takoyaki, or octopus balls. Don't get any ideas. This is a family-orientated blog.

Flour balls filled with cabbage, spring onions, diced boiled octopus and served with katsuobushi (shaved benito; paper-thin dried fish flakes) and brown takoyaki sauce (sweetish like teriyaki). Sold in set of 6 balls. Did not get the price. Should be KRW2,000 - KRW3,000. I'll be back for this another day, rest assured.

Sidenote : Notice the flowers behind the octopus guy? That's the standard congratulatory flower stand you'd give someone when they open a new store or business.

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