28 February 2004

Of Doota and Korean Shoes

My shoes are killing me! I need a bigger pair. So off I go to my favourite shoe store at Doota. Doota, or more specifically, Doosan Tower, is a large shopping centre in the Dongdaemun Stadium vicinity. This area is definitely a shopping hotspot.

Doota, like Migliore, Freya and aPM, is basically a multi-storey building, with each floor housing many independant vendors of the same category - e.g. 1st floor - women's clothing, 2nd floor - men's clothing, and so on (accessories, children's stuff, shoes, household etc.). These shopping centres also have great food courts. The next time I eat there, you can be sure I'll post it here. Doota is my favourite because, in my opinion, it's the most tourist-friendly and everything is price-tagged. However, like everywhere else in Korea, you can never avoid the perpetual "May I help you?" syndrome of the sales people.

So I braved today's gloomy wet weather to get to Doota, thinking my feet will thank me for the new shoes. This is the scene in front of Doota at 5.30 pm today.

Guess what? Doota is closed for renovations or spring cleaning (I can't tell really - I need to learn Korean!) until 14 March 2004. Hmm...... Because of the closure, some of the more enterprising shops have taken to setting up stalls on the sidewalk. Until it started to rain again and everyone packed up in a hurry.

Speaking of shoes, is it just me or are the design of Korean men's leather shoes (for office/formal wear) rather peculiar. Have you noticed that these shoes get really flat towards the front. I mean really flat. I won't say that I have large feet. Just normal-sized feet. But I can never squeeze my toes into these shoes. So I guess I can never buy leather shoes here. My feet are really small, honest! I finally ended up getting my shoes at Migliore.

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