27 February 2004

Pizza Etang

I've slipped into a routine of late - every Friday for the last several weeks, this ritual involves pigging out on pizza while laughing at the starving contestants on Survivor All Star. Today is no different.

My neighbourhood is swamped with pizza joints - they should just rename this place Pizza-dong. We have the regular "branded" culprits - Pizza Hut & Domino's - and also the home-grown pizza chains mushrooming around Korea. While pizza lovers all over should be familiar with the usual variety - super supreme, hawaiian (pineapple), chicken, pepperoni, mushroom, vegetarian etc., Korea has its localised variants e.g. bulgogi pizza & potato pizza. Is there a kimchi pizza? I don't know.

20 metres from my office is a Pizza Etang outlet, one of the many Korean pizza chains. While my usual choices are either Super Supreme or Cheese Crust Pizzas, they've recently introduced 3 new varieties - Sweet Potato, Mexican Taco & Garlic Pizzas - all of which I've never tried. So I went for the Garlic Pizza and the Mexican Taco Pizza.

This is the large Garlic Pizza (KRW9,900).

Toppings - pepperoni, mushroom, minced beef, pineapple, cheese (of course!) and a white creamy herb & garlic sauce.

You can really taste the aromatic garlic flavour. This is traced to the creamy sauce that is used as the base instead of the usual tomato-paste sauce. Nice combination of toppings, and the chunky sweet (canned) pineapple does well to take away some of the sting from the garlic. I love it. Really nice change from the tomato-based pizzas. Strictly for garlic lovers, though.

This is the large Mexican Taco Pizza (KRW9,900)

Toppings - pepperoni, onion, capsicum (green bell pepper), pickled green chilis (jalapeno), cheese (cheddar and mozarella) and a tangy spicy sauce.

Similar to the Garlic Pizza, this pizza is not tomato-based. Instead, the sauce is BBQ-ish with a wallop of Tobasco - real spicy and sourish. The pickled chili adds further fuel to the already burning tongue. A real zinger of a pizza. Yummy!

It's KRW9,900 for one large pizza and KRW14,900 for two. Good deal if you can finish two large pizzas *burp*. Pizza Etang is cheaper than the other "branded" chains like Pizza Hut and Domino's where a large pizza can set you back KRW25,000 to KRW29,000. Oh and by the way, the ever naked Richard Hatch was kicked out of Survivor All Star tonight.

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