19 March 2004

Big Girl Desert

Sorry I haven't been eating anything worth blogging of late. Today is just another day of do si rak. By now, you should be familiar with the set up already.

This is the main dish - spicy fried fish. Just ordinary.

Now this one I especially like. Braised bo sod (mushroom) in some seasoning sauce I cannot decipher. Its salty (very) AND sweetish but goes so well with the plain steamed rice. KRW4,000.

For deserts, I had this - Yogur Big (Your Girl Big?). Where do they come up with these names.

Anyway, it comes in a variety of flavours - coconut, peaches, strawberries etc. This one is orange. Basically, its yoghurt jelly with chunks of fruits in it. Not too sweet, just right in my opinion. You don't get much sense of the yoghurt, but the fruit chunks are nice as they burst in your mouth. KRW1,900.

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