14 March 2004


This is the Trade Tower in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

It is part of the sprawling Convention and Exhibition (COEX) centre in Seoul, and includes the Hyundai Department Store, Inter-Continental Hotels, City Air Terminal and the Trade Towers.

(graphics from http://coexmall.com)

Underneath all of this is the COEX Mall, one of Asia's largest shopping and entertainment complex. It houses the COEX Aquarium, MegaBox Cineplex and lots and lots of entertainment, shopping and eating outlets. Do check out the very comprehensive website if you're planning to visit.

Getting off at Samseong Subway Station Exit 6, you'll come to the concourse area of COEX Mall, or as I call it, the Smoking Square.

You're not allowed to smoke indoors. I thought this to be interesting for the varying interpretations it allows.

Here are some shots from inside.

That's the entrance to the huge Bandi & Luni Bookstore. (sorry for the poor shot - I was distracted by the whiff of Whopper opposite)

There's always a Starbucks nearby, isn't there?

This is the shooting of a Starcraft championship match which was being telecast live on telly. Games are a big thing in Korea, with gamers earning a living playing games professionally. There are dedicated TV channels broadcasting nothing but championship competitions and games-related programmes. The COEX Mall has a huge games centre with everything from online PC games to Playstations and X-Box.

This is one of several food courts inside the mall. Note the pyramid-shaped glass ceiling.

COEX Mall is a fun place to spend the day and there's something for everyone here.

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