11 March 2004

Full Moon

This blog is turning one month old in a few days' time. In Chinese customs, it's an auspicious event for a new-born baby. Roughly translated, it means "full moon" day i.e. the baby having gone through a full 30 days cycle of the moon. In Korea, parents celebrate their kid's 100 days' birthday. In Zimbabwe, I dunno.

So I did some housekeeping and cleaned up some broken links, removed some and added a new one, Korean Food Translated. Korean sites, especially Seoul government-related, are undergoing a consolidation exercise and so their urls keep changing of late.

If you guys wanna have a taste of South East Asian flavours, click on the following:

These are predominantly food-related, of course. The only reason I've not added them to my links list is because I'm trying to keep the links as Korean-related as possible.

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