11 March 2004

Don Ka Seu

Another order-in lunch today. Man ... I gotta get out more. Today's lunch is don gga seu (돈까스). Let's pause for a moment. The romanisation of Korean words can go so so many ways that it can be confusing at times. That's why the Government has actually standardised it. This blog makes no attempt to stick to those rules(!!) so you're gonna get many variants of probably the same thing, all depending on my mood at the time of writing. Sorry. So, don gga seu = don ka seu = don kar ser = and so on. On this note, if you're gonna Google anything on the net, just be aware that Korean words can be romanised in many ways.

Let's talk food. Don ka seu (see what I mean?) is a little peculiar, in that it is both Korean and Japanese. Its name is derived from its Japanese counterpart. In most Korean food sites, don ka seu is not prominently discussed. So what is don ka seu? It's basically deep fried breaded pork cutlet.

Clockwise from top left : miso soup, steak sauce, coleslaw dressing, shredded cabbage (with 2 strands of purple cabbage and alfalfa sprout and a slice of cucumber), rice, deep fried pork cutlet, 2 slices of radish pickles, 1 pickled dill & 3 radish kimchi cubes.

Notice the coating is fluffy and fine.

Texture wise, it's kinda like tempura batter - light and crispy. It's not too oily (probably drained well before serving). Dip in the steak sauce for added flavour. Quite a sizeable chunck of meat and a real tummy filler. KRW5,000.

There are variations to this - you could have beef fillets, chicken cutlets, and even have it cheese stuffed (ala Kiev). There's also seafood like fish fillet and prawns, though these are less common.

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