07 March 2004

Street Snacks

On the streets of Seoul, you'll likely come across stalls selling various kinds of finger food and snacks .... just follow your nose.

While I was at Myeong-dong, I came across this looooooong queue that led to this stall. I don't know the name of this snack, but the sign says "hot bar" (??). I would appreciate if someone could confirm its name though, for the benefit of all.

I'll attempt to dissect this - a flour paste mixed with diced carrots & seasoning, then rolled into a sausage-like shape, topped with sesame leaf, then deep fried.

Squirt some tomato ketchup, honey mustard and serve hot. It's like sticking a hot rod into your mouth (not that I really know how that feels!). Well, what'd you expect from eating something that came out from a hot pot of oil only seconds ago. KRW1,000.

It's texture is somewhat like that of fish cake (like odeng), but softer and smoother. I'm not sure if there's any fish paste in there, but if there is, the taste didn't come through. I've had others on previous occasions that had corn in it, seaweed, spring onions etc. So I guess there's no "standard" recipe to this. It's alright I guess, especially on a cold day, but I won't climb Mount Everest for it.

Next to this stall is another great find. The stall is called Squids 'R' Us. OK. I made that up. But yeah, you'll find all things squid-ly here.

Man! Those toothpicks are killing me.

That's the lady boss cooking up something on the grill pan. My wild guess is it's probably squid.

With my backstage pass, I bring you this shot. The squiggly bits you see are the tentacles, and the flat piece is roll-pressed squid sans tentacles.

Tentacles galore.

The batch of tentacles on the left are uncoated. The ones on the right are coated with seasoned butter before it's pan-grilled. Seasoned with what? I can't really make it out. But I taste a tinge of peanut butter. It's a little oily, but very aromatic. The tentacles are far from tough - they were soft and crunchy. Really nice.

Aaaahh .... served on a page torn out from my favourite magazine - Brides Monthly. Thumbs up for recycling.

This is the roll-pressed squid body, also coated with that same peanut buttery thingy. As with the tentacles, it's soft, tender and aromatic. Very nice. KRW2,000 for this serving of squid-ly heaven and another KRW2,000 for a similar portioned tentacles. Oh .... and I also have no idea what these things are called in Korean. For the moment, I'll just call it "squids with that peanut buttery thingy".

Aaahh ... 20 metres down the road and I see another "hot bar" (?) stall.

This one had more varieties - plain, seaweed, sesame leaf and my favourite, sausage encrusted with the flour paste.

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