09 March 2004


Eating in Korea couldn't be simpler. Just make a phone call, place your order, and ta-da it's delivered within 15-30 minutes. You can get ALMOST anything delivered. Once I even witnessed a hot-pot budaejiggae delivered to a home, stove and all!

I guess this concept is familiar to those in the West, but is still in its infancy in most parts of Asia, where deliveries are associated with fast-food like pizzas, the clown burger and so on.

I ordered doh si rak today. KRW5,000. This was how it was delivered. My bundle of joy!!

Comes complete with metal spoon and chopsticks .... none of that disposable crap that can put a splinter through your tongue. That pink coloured cloth doubles as a table cloth too, so you don't mess up your table nor need to clean up after. It's oh so complete. Oh, except it smells a little, that pink cloth.

Ta-da. Clockwise from top left : seaweed soup (mi yuk gook), korean pancake (pa jeon), egg & rice, spicy fish, chinese cabbage kimchi & radish kimchi.

Close-up of the pa jeon.

This is from a previous occasion. No really - I didn't have 2 sets today!! Clockwise from top left : spicy tofu (beancurd) soup, fried luncheon meat (spam) coated with egg, egg & rice, spicy fish, kimchi and vege with sesame seed.

Close-up of the black beans thingy. This was hidden under the luncheon meat in the earlier shot.

When you're done eating, bundle everything up nicely and leave it outside your door. They'll come get it later in the day or tomorrow. And NO you don't get to keep the chopsticks! Well .... you're not supposed to anyway. Shhh .....

What a beautiful system. I wonder if they do barbequed whole lamb?

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