06 May 2004

Bossam Set Lunch

Intrigued by what was offered the other day, I returned to Wonhalmoney Bossam, this time for lunch.

I had their Bossam Jeong Sik (보쌈정식, or bossam lunch set). 5 side dishes + soup + bossam kimchi and pork platter + rice = KRW6,000.

Many restaurants around town offer lunch sets ("lunch specials") which are priced lower than ala carte or dinner menus, to attract the lunch crowd. So keep an eye out for these the next time you're out to lunch.

The bossam kimchi and pork. Just nice for lunch. Not too heavy to induce an after-lunch nap.

Close-up of the pork. Not too fat, soft and moist.

This side dish I especially liked. This is lotus root sliced cross-section to give that flower petal visual effect. Sweetened with syrup and salted with some indescribable darker sauce (let me know if you know what it is), resulting in a very thick, gluey overbearingly sweet salty sauce. Goes well with the plain rice. I like this.

Standard serving of dwenjang jiggae (hot beanpaste stew/soup) topped off the set lunch. A reasonably yummy lunch. I think I'm addicted to the bossam kimchi. Hope I don't end up there again tomorrow.

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