07 May 2004

Gochu Kimbap

As long time readers would know, I can take spicy food. I mean, really really spicy food. For the time I've been in Korea, I've not had to reach out for that glass of cold water in immediate reaction to any food deemed "spicy" by local standards. That all changed today. Today, I found something that actually made my lips go "ssssssss".

And of all things, I found it in Jong-Ro's Gochu Kimbap (chili kimbap).

This is what I had for lunch today. 1 roll of cham chi kimbap (tuna - top) and 1 roll of gochu kimbap (chili - bottom). KRW2,500 each. My favourite kimbap has always been tuna kimbap, but today I decided to try something different. Seeing that it's been a pretty cold day today, I decided to warm myself up with some gochu.

It's not like tongue numbing spicy mind you, but still it packs a good zing.

I'm not sure if the gochu kimbaps at all the other kimbap chains are equally spicy, as this is my first. But now I know if I ever need a good chili kick, I can get it here. Good find. I'm happy for the next few hours.

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