22 June 2004

Thai Food 2

Sawatdee khrab.

Here are some hawker fares I had on the streets of Thailand. These are slanted towards Thai Chinese food.

This stall serves Hainanese-style chicken rice ("khao mun gai") and chicken noodles ("kway teaw gai"). Skinny chickens, aren't they?

I opted for the chicken noodle with rice vermicelli ("sen mee") instead of the broader "kway teaw" noodles. You get chicken stock (loaded with MSG) with rice vermicelli and pieces of chicken, including my favourite, chicken feet. Topped with a sprinkle of white pepper, spring onions and deep-fried shallots. Nice.

Don't forget to add the condiments (sorry no photos) you'll find on the table if you need further customisation. Typically, you'll find at least these 4 items on your table : (1) chili powder (2) vinegar (3) pickled sliced chili in vinegar (4) fish sauce. Sometimes even sugar. Thais have a penchant for adding sugar into almost anything.

This stall serves braised pork trotters ("kha moo"). It was way past lunch time when I got here, so there was not much left of anything.

This is the braised pork all sliced and ready to be eaten. Only thing missing was the salted (preserved) vege that usually accompanies this dish.

The trotters are braised for hours in soya sauce and a healthy dose of star anise, cinnamon sticks and a pinch of palm sugar. What you end up with is a soft, moist, fragrant salty meat with a tinge of sweetness. Nice.

Space is a premium here I guess.

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